Lists & Data Sources

is Reborn

LADS is back

Our Heritage

It started in 1987 as a printed directory and guide, "the bible", aimed at all those in the B2B, B2C and Public Service marketing industries. Through time it established itself as the must have publication for anyone involved in direct marketing - buyers, sellers and brokers.

We're now online; infinitely more extensive, transparent and efficient. Our goal was to create a system that puts you in control, and we believe we've not just achieved our goals, but surpassed them. Entirely. Your ideas and/or feedback is very welcome.

Our Beliefs

Honest Business is the Best Business

For too long the data industry has been a black box. People without insider knowledge were at a loss as to who provided trustworthy data. Or out of date, inaccurate data.

We don't think that's good enough in this day and age, so we recruited a team of bright minds in which to solve that problem. And solve it we did, for buyers, sellers and brokers.

Integrity Deserves Reward

The businesses who serve the industry with accurate and relevant data should be rewarded. They deserve to be at the forefront, gold stars and all.

That's why we've incorporated ratings and reviews. And that's exactly why only the best businesses are happy to join LADS, it's a platform that allows them to flourish.

Our Identity

The apple (as we call it) signifies growth, openness and flexibility. A connected thread –ribbon– uniting the industry.


L - Lists


A - And


D - Data


S - Sources