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We are the comparison website for the direct marketing world. Innovative, transparent, honest and completely free.

Find and buy the marketing data you need, quickly and effortlessly. Request a quote and receive multiple ranked and rated seller responses.

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LADS Online

The Complete Solution

Put a rocket in your workflow. LADS offers a single, centralised system that connects you to quality data. Effortlessly.

Intelligent Quote Matching

We match your data requirements to seller databases using a multi-tiered system. Data relevance is second nature.

Fast, Internal Data Exchange

No more searching your inbox for attachments - transfer data quickly and safely within the LADS system.

Notifications & Reminders

No one likes to miss opportunities. So don't. We'll notify you of all important activity in real-time using multiple technologies.

Brokers Welcome

Get in touch if you're a broker, we can set up an account for you which honours your existing contacts and rates.

Honest & Transparent

Data buying used to be secretive. Only insiders knew the most accurate data suppliers. Not anymore. Now you do too.

Promotes Excellence

All of our data suppliers are open for honest reviews and feedback, allowing you to hand pick the best suppliers.

Secure Payments

Naturally, we employ the latest and greatest encryption systems and techniques to keep sensitive information secure.

Performance Reporting

Sellers can view sales statistics highlighting key areas of performance, for both the business as a whole and individual employees.

Instant Messaging

Talk to sellers/buyers in real-time using our quote specific messaging system. Say goodbye to a cluttered inbox.

Fast & Responsive

LADS is built to work on any device and platform; from Mac to Windows, iOS to Android, Chrome to Safari. No apps necessary.

The user interface will automatically optimise itself to your screen. Try it, resize your browser and enjoy the magic.

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