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LADS is back

A Unique Opportunity

We have a highly accomplished, innovative and talented team. We dream big, as we believe that dreams are guiding principles in business. They empower and direct focus.

We're in the unique position of (paradoxically) being a start-up company with considerable industry heritage and experience. That itself is just the foundation; our online system is one of a kind. Nothing compares to its power and elegance, and it's raring to go.

Join Our Team

We're a friendly bunch, as life is better spent enjoying one's self (have you seen our 404 page?). That means we're flexible, accommodating and understand that happiness and productivity walk hand in hand.

We're looking for sales staff who can hit the ground running. The pace in which you move will also determine how far you can go in our business. There is no limit.

Chances like this don't come very often. Excited? So are we.

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